Charlie visiting our partners the Nfasimdi Development Association in the Tolon district of Northern Ghana

Charlie Taylor is Tzedek’s new Country Director for Ghana.  One of our programmes is a schools twinning programme between Primary Schools in Tamale and London.  Over several weeks pupils take part in the same lessons in both countries.  The lesson worksheets are exchanged and the pupils get to see the work from the other students.

Last week he collected Lesson Four from the schools which was about My Environment and which encourages descriptive language, memory and creative drawing.  He thought it would be fun to try his hand at completing the lesson too as everything is very new to him.


My Neighbourhood

My name is Charlie and I live in a suburb of Tamale called Zagyuli.  It is about 4 kilometres from the city centre.  There are many nice houses in this area.  I live in a small house called an apartment, but it is not in a block of flats.  It has two bedrooms a large living room, kitchen, shower and toilet.  There is no hot water only cold but you don’t need hot showers or a heating system here as the weather is very hot.  The floors are all covered with tiles or stone and there are no carpets.  There is a balcony outside where I can sit and a small yard where I can hang my washing and keep my motorbike.  The yard has strong metal gates and a metal fence.  At night there is a guard who looks after the five houses in this block.  The road outside my house is just a track and it is about half a kilometre to the tarmac road.  Near to my house, there are a few small stores where I can buy drinking water, tinned foods, rice and cooking oil.  There is a metal working shop where they do welding and a stall where I can buy credit for my phone.  There is also a small restaurant which has just one dish on the menu each day.  There are more stores and food stalls on the tarmac road but I to do the rest of my shopping I have to go into the city.


My Environment

From my window, I can see a large area of ground which looks like it has been farmed in the past as there are ridges in the ground.  At the moment there are no crops.  I do not know if that is because this is the dry season or whether it is no longer farmed.  I can usually see goats, chickens and guinea fowl running about in the scrubby grass and bushes.  Sometimes they make a lot of noise especially early in the morning.  I can also see some large houses and one of which has not been finished.  There is an electricity pylon.  The electricity often goes off during storms and can stay off for many hours.  There are several mosques nearby and I can hear them calling to prayer five times a day from when the sun rises until the sun sets.  There is also a church, on Sundays I can hear the people singing.  There is a school nearby and they have a loud announcement system so sometimes I can hear that too.  I see a lot of small pigeons called Laughing doves, Agama lizards with their heads bobbing up and down and I have also seen two birds called go-away birds sitting in the tree.  They make a noise ‘kweh’ that sounds a bit like go away.  It is the dry season and the temperature reaches 39 to 41 degrees most days.  There have been some thunderstorms and that means the weather is going to change and get even hotter in April and May.