Disabled women are freed from money lenders

Background Casual labour, limited income, malnutrition and no ability to affect their situation – this is the reality of the majority of the citizens in the rural areas of Western Uganda. Life is especially difficult for young, disabled mothers. Being seen as a financial burden to their family and with no support of public services, […]

School for Life

An education is a right, not a privilege. Without the basics – reading and writing – students cannot continue onto secondary level education. And experience shows that those who read and write have healthier families and earn more.  Poor teaching perpetuates poverty Unfortunately thousands of children are held back by poor education. Four out of […]

Virgin London Marathon 2019

Do something bold and to put on those running shoes. Get some fresh air and run the historic Virgin London Marathon! What motivates you to run? Our biggest motivation is to eradicate poverty; it is what Tzedek strives for. That is what gets us out on those early morning runs – knowing that our effort […]

Micro-credit loans avoid trafficking

In the Malda District of West Bengal in India, poverty is not just a word it’s a way of life. UNCIEF reported that is has the high rates of child marriages in India, and it’s not unheard of for parents to try and sell their own children. Child labour is common and trafficking poses a […]


“I got to spend time working with people from very different backgrounds … all of whom are passionately engaged in resolving social problems and spurring others on to roll their sleeves up.”  – Alex Sangster (2015 Spring Intern) Tzedek offers a 6 week to a 3-month internship for those who are passionate about international development and looking for a hands-on […]


WDA ran a tailoring training in dress making for 20 women from Kigoma, Tanzania. Simon Leigh raised money for this project when he climbed the Kilimanjaro a few months ago. Here’s a summary of the project that have come to an end recently. By the end of the project the trained girls started working as […]

Life as a female refugee

Dzaleka camp was established in 1994 by the UNHCR Agency in response to a huge wave of displaced people fleeing genocide, wars and violence in African countries including Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, Ethiopia and Somalia. This camp is currently home to around 22,000 refugees. The camp is currently struggling with feeding the population as the majority […]