Comedy Evening 2017

JOIN US for a seriously unforgettable evening next Wednesday 15th of March. See some of the country’s top comedians take the mic to support Tzedek’s poverty-reducing work with poor communities around the world. Starring: Nish Kumar – Two times Edinburgh Comedy Awards Nominee, star of Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and Have I Got News […]

Women for Women photoshoot

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her daughter. It’s a special relationship that we at Tzedek wish to celebrate. We are calling all mothers and daughters to take part in a portrait project and fundraiser called Women for Women. For a £35 participation fee you will receive a 15 minute photoshoot by the top fashion […]

“Everyone respects me now”

We have sent a questionnaire to our partners to see what further impacts our funding have on women’s lives. The results were astonishing! Here’s a testimony from Mrs. Jayanthi Kumari, aged 28. The Project “This was a one year project with our partner HNC in India which ended in November 2011. Thanks to Tzedek’s funds, […]

Tzedek FTFY*

Want to change the world? We can give you the tools to do it. Being a teenager means being full of ideas and passion to change the world. But change doesn’t happen by passion alone. Get the skills with Tzedek. We’re looking to invest in teens who have loads of enthusiasm, who are looking for practical skills to change the world. Come to […]

Rabbi Michael In Ghana – Final Chapter

Although this short article is not the place to address all aspects of Jewish attitudes towards the non-Jewish community and helping them in times of need, the spectrum of these ideas spans centuries of crises, as well times of peace. While in Ghana three ideas filled me with pride and positively influenced my attitudes. The […]

Rabbi Michael In Ghana Part II: Visiting The Projects

In meeting with the volunteers at their places of work, I went to primary schools which were largely in disrepair and needing urgent assistance. Most of the schools I visited simply would not be permitted to operate in the UK. Some lacked toilets and playgrounds and others had structural cracks in the building so severe […]

Rabbi Michael In Ghana: Why Do I Care?

By: Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld-Schueler, Oxford Universities’ Jewish Chaplain “A man in a boat began to bore a hole under his seat. His fellow passengers protested. ‘What concern is it of yours?’ he responded, ‘I am making a hole under my seat, not yours.’ They replied, ‘That is so, but when the water enters and the […]

From the field: School for Life

E. Mohemmed Awal – District coordinator for Savelugu. Mohemmed is in charge of the day to day activities in the School for life office in Savelugu a district in the Northern Region of Ghana “I monitor teacher’s conduct in relation to the project, assesses children’s school attendance, and creates dialog with head teachers and teachers […]

The most important thing this year

Henry Kissinger said, in response to a question about building a powerful and influential career for oneself, ‘Do the most important thing you can think of this year, and your career will build itself’. As we approach Rosh Hashana it’s a great mantra, for life. Last month I visited Ghana with two of our trustees. […]

Partner becomes social enterprise

Our partner organisation, the Rural Organisation for Social Education (ROSE), has successfully registered the ‘Pudukkottai Organic Farmers Producer Company Ltd’ as a business, as of the 10th of April, 2015. By doing so, ROSE are further organising their resources to be better suited to support entrepreneurship and the selling of local produce, both of which […]