Obaa’s Blog: Interning with Tzedek

Seeing Tzedek’s advertisement for an International Development Intern, I considered it a great opportunity to have useful hands-on experience to complement my studies and interest in International Development. I found Tzedek an ideal place to intern as I felt my impact could be felt, as it was not such a large organisation. Serving as an […]

Tzedek’s Alumni Evening

To celebrate 25 years of Tzedek, we were delighted to host our first ever Alumni Evening last week. Every year since 1995, Tzedek volunteers have worked with NGOs, schools and clinics in Zimbabwe, India, Kenya and Ghana. At our Alumni Event we celebrated that achievement and brought together a unique group of passionate supporters of […]

Ghana, it has been a pleasure

Written by Ingryd London, Go Global 2015 participant. Originally posted as a Facebook status – 20.08.2015.   This time seven weeks ago I sat in a little hostel in the middle of Accra crying my eyes out because I wanted to go home. Today I am sitting at Accra airport ready to board my flight […]

Women Home-Based Caregivers

Much of my time in Tamale has been spent administering a questionnaire to groups of women home-based caregivers from two nearby communities. These women, mainly without formal education, live in typically large households in which they are responsible for the care of at least one elderly person. Generally they are still expected to care for […]

Let’s talk about sex!

Written by David Gold, Go Global participant (August 2015). David is volunteering with THUHDEG and The Shakeenah Clinic.  In my opinion, one of the most difficult things for a doctor to do is to take a sexual history. This involves asking very personal questions about a patient’s sex life – something that not many people […]

A typical day in Ghana

Written by Ingryd London, Go Global participant (July 2015) (Early!) Morning I walk to Norrip junction and stand on the corner waiting for a taxi to take me to work. Here in Tamale you have two options when it comes to taxis. You may get a “drop” taxi that will take you directly to your […]

I’m not the messiah, I’m a very naïve volunteer

Written by Raz Benson, Go Global participant (July 2015).  Raz is volunteering with THUHDEG. “When they see you, a white man, they think Jesus Christ has come!” These amusing but rather disturbing words came from Mr Kenneth Addae, the wonderful and hard-working CEO of The Human Help and Development Group (THUHDEG), where I have been […]

Sometimes all you need is a pen and paper

Written by Yoni Cohen, Go Global participant (July 2015).  Yoni is currently teaching at Ambition for the Needy primary school. Sweltering in the early morning African sun, I watched over the outdoor assembly at my school, Ambition for the Needy, where I’m volunteering. I couldn’t help but wince as my class, which is aged from […]

I didn’t think the situation could have gotten any worse…

Written by Ingryd London, Go Global Participant (July 2015).  Ingryd has been volunteering at Morning Star Integrated School. For the last four weeks, I’ve been teaching at Morning Star Integrated School. I take 3 shared taxis to work and start teaching at 8am. My class is waiting for me and I am keen to start the first […]


Written by David Gold, Go Global participant (July 2015). David is volunteering with THUHDEG and The Shakeenah Clinic.  Over the past 2 weeks I have experienced healthcare in Ghana from many different perspectives; the clinician, the patient and a pseudo-relative. As a medical student, let’s begin with the most obvious; the clinician’s perspective. I have […]