Tzedek concentrates on tangible, effective and practical ways to reduce extreme poverty in Ghana and India. We provide funds and volunteers to empower people and communities to earn a sustainable income and improve edcuational outcomes for young people.

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Our work is concentrated in Ghana, India and Uganda. We are proud of those projects we have enabled in the past and continue to build relationships with local leaders and people to ensure our investment meets real needs. 



Tzedek educates the British Jewish community on global poverty; its root causes and successful interventions. Our UK work is about inspiring action across all ages and denominations. 

We work with primary schools, secondary schools, synagogues, youth groups, university J-Socs, and community centres.

Tzedek's primary school twinning programme is one of our flagship educational projects that builds relationships between Jewish primary schools in London and Ghanaian primary schools in Tamale. 


Mrs Kondamma SPREAWS

 “Now we have got good support from TZEDEK. We are able to do well. We are earning reasonable income worthy of our toils and sweats. Our efficiency is improved by the skill training and we have got by the training provided by the SPREAWS team. We have realized what we are. 

Thank you very much to the abroad donors of TZEDEK and to the local organization Sri. K. Pitchi Reddy Educational and Welfare Society for voluntarily approaching us and serving us. 

There is a ready market for the bamboo products. As our products are longer durable, we have great demand for our baskets which are going on hot sale. We are out came from the past poverty.”

 - from Mrs. Kondamma, leader of a women's cooperative trained by Tzedek's partner SPREAWS in India, January, 2015


Short film about one of our amazing partners. The footage for this film was taken in summer 2014 by our volunteer intern Eli Gaventa in Ghana.


Projects Overseas

Disabled women are freed from money lenders

Background Casual labour, limited income, malnutrition and no ability to affect their situation – this is the reality of the majority of the citizens in the rural areas of Western Uganda. Life is especially difficult for young, disabled mothers. Being seen as a financial burden to their family and with no support of public services, […]

School for Life

An education is a right, not a privilege. Without the basics – reading and writing – students cannot continue onto secondary level education. And experience shows that those who read and write have healthier families and earn more.  Poor teaching perpetuates poverty Unfortunately thousands of children are held back by poor education. Four out of […]

Micro-credit loans avoid trafficking

In the Malda District of West Bengal in India, poverty is not just a word it’s a way of life. UNCIEF reported that is has the high rates of child marriages in India, and it’s not unheard of for parents to try and sell their own children. Child labour is common and trafficking poses a […]


WDA ran a tailoring training in dress making for 20 women from Kigoma, Tanzania. Simon Leigh raised money for this project when he climbed the Kilimanjaro a few months ago. Here’s a summary of the project that have come to an end recently. By the end of the project the trained girls started working as […]

Projects in the UK


“I got to spend time working with people from very different backgrounds … all of whom are passionately engaged in resolving social problems and spurring others on to roll their sleeves up.”  – Alex Sangster (2015 Spring Intern) Tzedek offers a 6 week to a 3-month internship for those who are passionate about international development and looking for a hands-on […]

Primary School Twinning

Why Partner Schools? There has been a huge growth in Jewish schools across the UK in recent years. This is having a hugely positive effect on the community. This does highlight one important challenge – awareness of and engagement with people from different backgrounds with different stories. This is why parents and teachers asked Tzedek […]

Educational Workshops

“It was a fantastic and engaging session” – Mr Beard, King Solomon High School (Oct 2015) We can deliver a range of excellent workshops for all ages in schools (primary and secondary), synagogues, youth movements, community centres, university Jewish societies and work places. Our workshops delve into today’s most pressing global development issues, such as […]

Work Experience

“Doing work experience with Tzedek was a great decision. There was time to learn interesting things about Tzedek’s work, whilst also improving presentation and speaking skills, so it was a good, varied week.” Ellie, June 2015 We invite 14-17 year olds to join our Tzedek team for a week of work experience in a small, […]