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The Jewish community's response to extreme poverty


Want to play a significant role to enable marginalised and vulnerable people to transform their lives? As long as there is suffering, we believe we have an obligation to do something about it.

We work with communities in Northern Ghana to enable young people to stay in school, achieve meaningful learning outcomes and gain the skills and confidence they need for productive and secure employment.

We partner with local organisations, in Northern Ghana and selected areas of India, to improve incomes and economic opportunities of poor and marginalised people. 

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News and blogs

A typical day in Ghana

Written by Ingryd London, Go Global participant (July 2015) (Early!) Morning I walk to Norrip junction and stand on the corner waiting for a taxi to take me to work. Here in Tamale you have…
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I’m not the messiah, I’m a very naïve volunteer

Written by Raz Benson, Go Global participant (July 2015).  Raz is volunteering with THUHDEG. “When they see you, a white man, they think Jesus Christ has come!” These amusing but rather disturbing words came from…
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Sometimes all you need is a pen and paper

Written by Yoni Cohen, Go Global participant (July 2015).  Yoni is currently teaching at Ambition for the Needy primary school. Sweltering in the early morning African sun, I watched over the outdoor assembly at my…
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I didn’t think the situation could have gotten any worse…

Written by Ingryd London, Go Global Participant (July 2015).  Ingryd has been volunteering at Morning Star Integrated School. For the last four weeks, I've been teaching at Morning Star Integrated School. I take 3 shared taxis to…
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Written by David Gold, Go Global participant (July 2015). David is volunteering with THUHDEG and The Shakeenah Clinic.  Over the past 2 weeks I have experienced healthcare in Ghana from many different perspectives; the clinician,…
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Things that don’t surprise you in Ghana

Settling into a developing country: things that don’t surprise you in Ghana Written by Raz Benson, July 2015 Having been in Ghana for less than 2 weeks, we’re all still just learning the ropes – ‘Ghana…
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See you soon, Tzedek!

Creating a Work Experience Programme Like You’ve Never Seen Before… Over the past three months I’ve spent the majority of my time at Tzedek writing and preparing the work experience programme. …
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Twinning Celebration Event 2015

On Monday 6th July, over 70 children and parents from four Jewish primary schools came together for Tzedek’s Twinning Celebration Event, hosted by North West London Jewish Day School.   The event was a resounding…
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