Do something bold and to put on those running shoes, get some fresh air and run the historic Virgin London Marathon!

What motivates you to run?

Our biggest motivation is to eradicate poverty; it is what Tzedek strives for. We are working in Ghana helping children like Ata Victoria who don’t have access to a good education and empowering women like Yerusi to become self-sufficient. That is what gets us out on those early morning runs – knowing that our strives will benefit those around the world.

Whether you’re a first-time runner or have run more races than you can count, we’d love for you to join Tzedek Team at Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 28th April 2019.

We only have THREE places for 2019! Email us now to reserve your place on this legendary course and help Tzedek raise vital funds for the fight against poverty.

When: 28th April 2019

Where: Central London

Minimum fundraising amount: £2000

If you’re successful in the ballot or have deferred your entry from 2018, we would love for you to join the team Tzedek! There’s no minimum fundraising amount to raise, but anything you can contribute towards our £6,000 target will be celebrated!

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