An awesome ox Chankuah card

The Awesome Ox


Give an awesome ox to a young girl in Somalia who has lost her family due to civil war. Young girls are forced to grow up fast in rural Somalia and have to leave school and work on farms in order to look after their families. Oxen can help farmers by ploughing the fields so that the girls do not need to do as much hard labour on the farm.

Buying an Awesome Ox also includes: seeds for farming, 6 months of agricultural training and irrigation pumps for farming.

The full cost of Tzedek’s Awesome Ox project is £3500 which will enable 30 women and girls to gain a livelihood and earn an income.

Buying a Chanukah card today will help us to reach our goal of supporting all 30 women to earn a sustainable income.

If you would like to make a different contribution to this project, we would be delighted to hear from you via

Once these projects have been completed, all funds will be directed to similar projects across Africa and India to support communities living in extreme poverty.