Dear family and friends,

We would like our marriage to be the occasion for directing attention to the needs of the wider world. We hope that you, our friends, will join us in this. Tzedek, a charity close to our hearts is one of our suggested causes.

In particular we would like to support the work with children and schools in Ghana and a loans programme in Uganda.

Life Bridge Uganda: will provide loans and business training to 300 households in Uganda’s Budondo Parish. The beneficiaries’ will use the loans to grow pumpkins and with the resulting increase in household income they will have enough food and medicine for their families.

Schools work in Ghana:  receiving a good education is a crucial weapon to reduce extreme poverty. Children leave primary school in northern Ghana unable to do sums and read and write. Children suffer from a lack of motivation, as do their teachers. We can reach children through innovative programmes with teachers that give them new skills and ideas. When teachers are motivated, then children are too. When everyone is motivated, children learn faster and better.

Thank you so much for making a gift to Tzedek to celebrate our Wedding Day. A donation of any size will be greatly appreciated.

Tzedek will be notified that a donation has been made in your name. Others will not see your name.

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