What is Schlep to School?

Schlep to School challenges you and your friends to ditch the Oyster and walk to school for one morning. In Ghana thousands of children like Hamdia, go to great lengths to get to school. They value their education, understanding how it can break the cycle of poverty.

Education is a human right for
all, changing the lives of children like Hamdia. Take part in Schlep to School and walk in solidarity with Hamdia. You will be raising awareness and vital funds that will be enable children in Ghana to get access to a good education, realise their dreams and break the cycle of poverty.

Meet Hamdia

Hi! I am Hamdia. I am 10 years old and I go to school at Tzedek’s partner school in Kumbungu, Northern Ghana. I have to walk to school because my parents can’t afford to pay for any other form of transport. I love going to school and when I grow up I would like to be a nurse.

Getting Started

Create your profile

Your profile will be your fundraising page! Create your profile on www.justgiving.com/tzedek 

Click 'fundraise for us', find our event under 'organised events' and choose to join either your school or join 'Schlep to School' if your school does not have an event listed. 

Personalise your page: add a photo and write why you are taking the challenge. 

Download your helpful fundraising pack here.

Example profile

Hello! Across the world, children live in poverty, and often have no choice but walk for miles to get to school, sometimes across treacherous terrain and on an empty stomach. My friends and I will be Schlepping to School on the 7th of June to raise awareness and funds and give the gift of a precious education to children in Northern Ghana. I promise to take a lot of selfies along the way so follow me on Instagram or Facebook! Thank you for supporting me!

Run your fundraising campaign

Your personal Just Giving page allows you to form a team (it is a lot more fun to Schlep with mates!) and ask your family and friends to donate to your campaign. Tell everyone you know about the challenge – email, social media and your synagogue.