Tzedek’s Stories of Freedom         

This Pesach support our work with others in creating economic freedom.
As we retell our own story of freedom, tell a story from our global community.

As has become tradition in recent years, many families add additional items to their Seder plates, for example, a padlock to symbolise modern slavery. This year Tzedek is inviting you to represent journeys out of extreme poverty with our Seder table token. By buying a Seder table token you are donating to Tzedek and giving a voice to members of our global community.

Tzedek is committed to sustainable community-led development. All our work is guided by the expertise and insight of our local partner organisations. We have listened, observed and learned that the greatest empowerment can be achieved by focusing specially on the following areas: education, micro-credit schemes and skills training, especially for women.

By buying a Pesach Seder table token you are donating to Tzedek, allowing us to give grants to even more community organisations working in these areas.

micro credit

Buy Tzedek seeds as a token of the seeds you have sown for a different future, through a micro credit scheme you have contributed to, and to tell Merembe’s story.

Stories of Freedom: Skills

Buy a spool of thread and piece of fabric as a token of your dedication to skills training for vulnerable populations as a way out of extreme poverty and to tell Sangeeta’s story.

Stories of Freedom: Education


Buy one of our ‘Tzedek’ pencils as a token of your dedication to funding global education and to tell Vaishali’s story achieving her diploma, changing her family’s life.

How this works

It is a three step process:

  1. Choose a token and press Add to Cart. Add as many as you like. 
  2. Check out by going to the basket icon on the top right of the menu. Use your debit or credit card through PayPal to pay for your cards 
  3. Relax as a card for each token you brought will arrive in the post to your address. That allows you to hand them out during Pesach.

Pesach starts March 30th. We aim to get your card to you within 5 working days. Please place your order before the 24th of March to ensure your cards arrive during Pesach.

If you would like to make an additional donation to the cost of the tokens,  please do so from our main donation page. 

Top five reasons to grab a Tzedek Chanukah Unwrapped Gift this year

1. These  gifts keep giving; you can feel good about playing your small part, and the people receiving the gift will make good use of these resources

2. We often over spend at Chanukah, this can help us focus on the many miracles and blessings we already have

3. Giving this gift will give you a chance to have a different conversation with the children you love

4. Fewer cheap gifts in your house, less consumption, less waste

5. What 7 year old doesn't want an awesome Ox for Chanukah!


We believe it is vitally important that the Jewish community plays its part in the global world.
Miracles happen when we make them happen.  Play your part this Chanukah.