We are delighted to have spent the last five days with our Ghanaian partner organisation Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL), teaching leadership skills to 16 local youth leaders who we’ve been working with for around the past year now.

During the Boot Camp they have been learning entrepreneurship skills, how to increase their own opportunities for employment and how to start their own small businesses.

We’ve been really loving the enthusiasm, commitment and engagement from all involved – creating an amazing atmosphere! Thank you to YEfL for facilitating.

These 16 youth leaders will be working with young leaders from FZY and Tribe this summer on designing and running a summer camp for local primary school children.

Alhassan from YEfL

 We asked Alhassan from Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL), the field facilitator for the Tzedek-YEfL Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, some questions and here’s what he said:

Why is it important to work with youth?

“It’s important to work with youth because they constitute the largest population in Ghana and they are the work force. If the youth are empowered, either socially with knowledge or financially, it will help to make our environment here in Ghana better. They will be independent, energetic and work the enhance development. Building their capacity allows them to become leaders and make decisions.“

How has the training been?

“The training has been fantastic, the facilitator is taking them through entrepreneurship training, the participants have learnt a lot so far: about who they are and what are their means.”




Written by Anna Becker (Work Experience February 2018)