Do something meaningful with your summer. Join us in Ghana and gain first-hand experience of working with communities in the developing world.

Here's what to expect:

  • You will take part in a project that is focused on education, micro finance, women and youth empowerment or health.
  • Placements will be centred on your individual skills, talents, and interests. Everyone has something to give – whether you’re a leader in a youth movement, an artist or a football coach, you will use skills that you didn’t even know you had and apply them in northern Ghana to make a lasting difference in a small community.
  • Act on core Jewish values and actively pursue tikun olam.
  • Experience Ghana in a safe and familiar environment, being able to keep Shabbat, keep kosher and explore your Jewish identity.
  • Experience living a communal Jewish life in a unique setting.
  • Gain CV boosting skills in teamwork, project management, leadership and communication, as well as working across cultural and language barriers.
  • See how change happens in local communities in the developing world.
  • Get to know Northern Ghana, its vibrant culture, cuisine and wonderful people.
A learning and doing experience: familiarise yourself with the community you will be working with, so that you can respond effectively to local needs in a responsible and sustainable way.
We believe that your impact must extend past the trip, and we will help you to achieve that when you return to the UK.

The Tzedek house in Ghana will be open throughout June, July and August 2017. You can chose from either of the start dates below, and can chose how many weeks you would like to volunteer for (minimum 4 weeks).

Starting dates:

  • June 5th 2017
  • July 3rd 2017

You will need to be available to attend both an orientation seminar in April and our post trip action day in September.

Orientation Seminar: Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th April 2017

Action Day: Sunday 10th September 2017


The fee for a six week experience in Tamale (Ghana) is £2,500. This covers:

  • Clean, basic accommodation in Tamale (with 24 hour security, and facilities for keeping kosher)
  • UK pre-programme orientation seminar
  • UK post-programme follow-up seminar
  • Basic travel insurance
  • A full-time programme coordinator in Ghana & staff in the UK to support you
  • A meaningful placement during your time in Ghana
  • Educational evening sessions

For a four week experience, the fee is £1,900. 

Other costs which you are responsible for will include:

  • Ghanaian Visa
  • Vaccinations and anti-malarial medication
  • Flights (to and from Ghana, and within Ghana)
  • Food & drink (and tips)
  • Transport to and from the airport of departure in the UK
  • Transport within Ghana
  • Any activities not included in the itinerary

Can I fundraise some of the programme fee?

Absolutely. We can offer you plenty of guidance and support to fundraise any of all of the fee. We want to ensure you to get to share your skills and passion in Tamale this summer. 

If you would like to fundraise part or all of your fee, just let us know. 

What will I be doing?

Participants are placed with Tzedek’s partner organisations based on your skills, experience and interests.

You’ll be placed in a school, a clinic, or another Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), working with that organisation’s staff and the communities they are involved with - learning about and contributing to on-going development projects.

Download our Information Pack for more information and examples of what our volunteers have done in the past.


How will I keep kosher and observe Shabbat?

The Ghana Project is a Jewish programme. We enable our participants to keep fully kosher and observe Shabbat, if they so wish.

Although it is not possible to obtain food under Rabbinic supervision, food that is vegetarian and/or prepared under your own supervision will always be available. Volunteers may, of course, bring non-perishable food with them, and you can buy cheap utensils very easily. It will be possible for all volunteers to observe Shabbat according to the level of halachic practice that they ordinarily keep. The same is true of any festivals and fast days (such as Tisha b’Av) that might fall during the volunteer period.

Our Programme Coordinator will be available to support any participants with issues regarding their observance.

How to apply

To apply, download the Application Form below and send back to us.

After you apply we will call you to arrange a time to meet with a Tzedek staff member for an interview. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, from participants to local NGO staff, has a positive experience. This means the programme might not be suitable for everyone, so we want to get to know you through the application form and interview process. 

Application Form - The Ghana Project 2017

The application deadline is Friday 31st March 2017.




Terms and conditions

By applying each participant is agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. 

The 2017 Terms and Conditions will be available for download shortly.

Fequently asked questions

Why should I volunteer?

Tzedek's vision is of a Jewish community actively involved in the reduction of extreme poverty.

We believe that by spending meaningful time with the organisations and individuals who are working hard to eradicate extreme poverty in our lifetime, and through seeing first hand how communities are living through the realities of poverty – you will be in an incredible position to help inspire our Jewish community to play their part.

Many of Tzedek’s partner schools and organisations rely on voluntary support, both from within Ghana and from around the world. With your unique skills, interests and experience, we will connect you with one of our partners to ensure you can add value to and support the work they are doing in Tamale.

Rabbi Tarfon taught: "It is not your responsibility to finish the work, but you are not free to desist from it either" (Pirkei Avot 2:16)

Why can’t I do less than 4 weeks in Ghana?

We want you to have a meaningful and memorable time in Ghana, but we also want to ensure that you really can add value to the organisation or school you are placed with. The more time you spend with our partners, the more involved and informed about their work you will become – and the better placed you will be to support their work.

If you volunteer for less than 4 weeks, by the time you’ve settled in it to both Tamale and your host organisation, it would be time to say goodbye again!

Why do we interview participants?

We interview everyone before accepting them onto our programme. This is ensure a few things:

  1. That your skills and experience mean you’ll be able to add value in your volunteering placement
  2. That you are open minded, patient, and have the right attitude for volunteering in Ghana
  3. That you’ll be able to return to the UK and inspire others to action

Where will I be living?

Tzedek will be renting a house in Tamale for all of our volunteers. This accommodation will have access to running water and electricity (most of the time!), a communal kitchen and living spaces. The house will be basic, and you will likely be sharing a bedroom with another volunteer. Each volunteer will have their own bed, with bed posts to hang up your mosquito net. The Tzedek accommodation will be in a secure compound with watchmen on site 24 hours a day.

What is there to do in Tamale?

When you’re not volunteering, you’ll get a chance to explore the sights and sounds of Tamale, a vibrant and bustling city. In the evenings you can try out Tamale’s many bars and restaurants, meeting other members of the international community and meeting new people from Tamale and beyond.

Optional trips to visit Tzedek’s partner projects outside of Tamale will be organised by your Programme Coordinator. On your weekends you can also leave Tamale and visit some of Ghana’s spots of natural beauty – including the Kintampo Waterfalls and Mole National Park.

Each week, members of your group will work with your Programme Coordinator on educational sessions. These sessions focus on specific international development issues and how they relate to our Jewish values. Your topic will be based on your placement and the issues raised throughout your volunteering experience, and will be supported throughout by the Programme Coordinator.

What does the Programme Coordinator do?

The Programme Coordinator’s role is to support the safety and well-being of participants, and to set up and coordinate your placements in Ghana. He/she will facilitate educational sessions and conversations, and support your personal development.

If any problems arise within your volunteering placement, the Programme Coordinator will work with you and your placement supervisor to solve any difficulties.

And the Coordinator will ensure that you are orientated when you first arrive into Tamale, and will be on hand 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have whilst in Ghana.

How will I be prepared for my volunteering experience?

You’ll be given a thorough pre-departure orientation in London by former volunteers and experts in international development. The Orientation is important for a deeper understanding of the programme, an introduction to the Programme Coordinator and to the work that you’ll be doing in Tamale, Ghana.

Together we’ll discuss our expectations of the programme and how to be responsible volunteers. We’ll learn about some of the cultural differences between the UK and Ghana, and look at how to be culturally aware whilst overseas.

On arrival in Ghana, you are met by our Programme Coordinator who will give a local induction and introduce you to your placement. They will give you continued support throughout your time there.

The cost of the orientation is included in the price of The Ghana Project.

And what happens when I get back?

In September we will be hosting our Action Day - which will take place in London, to de-brief about your experiences, discuss the next-steps with Tzedek and further volunteering opportunities – as well as your first reunion and a chance to catch-up with each other.

We hope that alumni of the programme will continue to be involved in Tzedek’s work, sharing their experiences with the UK Jewish community and helping us fundraise for all our projects in Africa and Asia. We will work with you to help run educational sessions or run awareness raising events about your experiences with your community/university/movement/workplace.

Through our alumni network, you’ll be connected to other individuals who are passionate about international development, and be invited to all of Tzedek’s alumni network events – including speaker nights and film screenings.

What people say

What alumni have said about volunteering overseas with Tzedek 


“It’s a fantastic experience to be pushed out of your comfort zone and into a whole new amazing culture. Most importantly though, it’s the real life application of tikkun olam and pursuing justice."

Lucy Cohen, Ghana 2014


"I contributed what I could as I was teaching street children, but what I received from my trip to Ghana was priceless. I discovered a fascinating country, made wonderful new friends - but most importantly, this trip changed my perspective on the cozy life we live in Europe."

Michael B, Ghana 


“My experience [in Ghana] has given me a new interest and insight into global development, showing me issues I had never taken an interest in before, but am now keen to know more about.”

Adam Prais, Ghana 2014


“It was an amazing experience. I was quite anxious at first, as it was such a different country to anywhere I had been before. The programme gave me an a experience of the country and I got an appreciation for a new culture and the life of those less fortunate.”

Sarah Yiannaki, Calcutta 

Not sure? Allow our 2014 Ghana volunteers to tell you more

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions about Tzedek Volunteering Overseas: The Ghana Project,
or if you would like to speak to one of our alumni, get in touch via our contact us page