E. Mohemmed Awal – District coordinator for Savelugu.

Mohemmed is in charge of the day to day activities in the School for life office in Savelugu a district in the Northern Region of Ghana


“I monitor teacher’s conduct in relation to the project, assesses children’s school attendance, and creates dialog with head teachers and teachers to discuss issues. school management committee and parent – teachers association, district directory of Ghana education service – service providers for education in the country – feed back to them. I am busy connecting and helping everyone focus on improving the teaching in classrooms.

I have worked on this project for 3 years. I started as a volunteer, 15 years and have seen School for Life grow in that time. I am motivated because no one could read and write in my community. When he started as a volunteer his class children were unmotivated. I saw how to motivate them, the other teachers and everyone around. When I was a child I could not go to school, so I wanted to help those in the same situation now.

The project makes a real difference. Everyone is excited to learn, much more motivated. Motivation is really important, to make sure the children learn and attend school regularly. Our challenge is still that a lot of children are out of school, and I am worried when a children finished School for Life project that they will continue. There are still other problems too, not enough desks and chairs for the children. Some learn when lying on their bellies. All funds can make a difference and help us.”