Eager to engage our global community in pursuing freedom and justice for all, we want to get the discussion going at your seder this week. So, we have crafted a list of 7 resources for you to use and enjoy this Pesach, covering topics from slavery to climate change to racial justice:

  1. Tzedek’s table talker – Open the doors of freedom for all

Did you know there is an estimated 40 million people living in various forms of modern slavery today? Filled with questions to get you talking, and quotes to get you thinking, this downloadable and printable table talker invites you to consider what freedom really means in today’s world. The table talker even includes a true story of freedom from debt slavery from our work in Bihar, India. Just print, fold, and place it on the table before the delicious food rolls out.

Enjoyed using it? Consider contributing to global freedom here.

  1. OLAM’s Seder Companion – Global reflections and responsibility

Bring an even more global perspective to your seder by reading these reflections on global social responsibility from our partner Jewish development and humanitarian aid organisations in the OLAM network. Tzedek is a member of this global network of Jewish and Israeli charities providing services in and beyond the community.

  1. Jewish Multiracial Network & Repair the World’s The Four People Refreshed

Change it up from speaking about the ‘four sons’ or ‘four children’ with this resource. Instead of looking at the one who is wise, evil, innocent or doesn’t know how to ask, this speaks about the different types of people who believe in racial justice: the newcomer, the questioner, the Jew of colour and the avoider.

  1. Four Cups for Climate Change

For each glass of wine, this resource invites you to think about a different way environmental justice, or freedom for our planet, can be achieved.

  1. Today’s 10 Plagues

In this blog post, Tzedek Fellow Faygle goes beyond the pandemic, writing about the 10 plagues of Global Health in today’s world. Passover relates to our Global Health in so many ways, that Faygle highlights some practical actions for enabling everyone to enjoy the he same freedoms and rights we enjoy.

  1. HIAS’ Short reading

Refugees are often the ones escaping the Pharaohs of today… Consider adding this short reading to your seder and reflect on the circumstances of refugees in Afghanistan, Haiti and Ukraine this year. What can we do to welcome those that just want to be free?

  1. The Human Freedom Index

This is not a Jewish resource but an important one to consider at Passover regardless. This index measures the state of human freedom in the world by considering personal, civil, and economic freedom. “Because freedom is inherently valuable and plays a role in human progress, it is worth measuring carefully,” says the creators of the index. Learn how no one has absolute freedom by considering how different countries rate here. You could also check out our table talker to help guide your reflection on the limits of our freedom today.

➡️Which one of these resources will you use tonight? Let us know by emailing or messaging us on social media!

Want to open the doors of freedom for all this Pesach? Consider contributing to our work here. We wish all our supporters and partners Chag Sameach.

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