West Africa offers loads of delicious and wonderfully tasting food. If you’re unfamiliar with what West African cuisine has to offer, be prepared. Your mouth will water, and your stomach will start grumbling. Because food is perfect. Especially Ghanaian food.

(1) Bofrot

Not totally specific to Ghana, but for good reason. These warm doughnuts are the best thing that’s ever happened to food. Much like French beignets, I dare you to eat just one. Seriously, try. You will fail.

(2) Cassava Patties

Like potato cakes, these hot patties are filled with herbs and spices, making them the perfect complement to any meal. Or just fine on their own! Made from the cassava, a staple common in Ghana, you won’t miss potatoes one bit.

(3) Kelewele

Ghana knows its snack food. Hot, fried plantains sweet and perfect for any time of day? Yes please. It’s a very popular snack for Ghanaian kids, but no one has to know. Besides, plantains are good for you, right?

(4) Red-Red

Take kelewele and pair it with a delicious and hearty bean stew-like substance. Serve it with rice, kelewele, vegetables (if you decide to be healthy), or eat it on its own!

(5) Fufu & Light Soup

Okay, while I would love to eat fried snack foods forever. Meals are probably fairly important? Try this soup paired with a biscuit type starch. Fufu (the starch) is eaten with almost every meal, and this soup is a staple in Ghana!

Want to actually try these dishes now?

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