(1) Because Ghana is BEAUTIFUL!


There’s so much to see and do when you’re not volunteering! Spend time exploring this amazing West African country.

Visit the Kintampo Waterfalls or explore Mole National Park.

(2) Because Regular CV’s Are Overrated


Boost your CV and gain lifelong skills through a 4-16 week internship. Working with organizations that promote ongoing development projects, you’ll be making a difference, whether it be in a school, clinic, or non-governmental organisation. 

(3) Because Travel is About Experiencing New Things


Anyone can travel or intern in Paris or Rome. But do you have what it takes to live in rural northern Ghana? Yes, mosquito nets are involved. And yes, sometimes there's no running water and electricity. But take it from someone who knows: Ghana “changed my perspective on the cosy life we live in Europe” (Michael B., 2004).

But fear not! There are still plenty of opportunities for a night out and drinks with friends.  Or go shopping at the Central Market and explore the Tamale Sports Stadium.

(4) Because Africa Isn’t a Country


All too often, we see Africa as a country, rather than a massive continent full of diversity and many, many cultures. Truly understanding and learning about a culture is more than just a Wikipedia article and a Google search.

By living in Ghana, you’ll be immersed in a place full of history and traditions. With The Ghana Project, you can learn about the customs and everyday life of Ghanaians. By forming relationships with students and members of the community, you’ll be taught by the most qualified teachers.

(5) Because Bilbo Baggins


While we can’t promise dragons, goblins or Gandalf, we can promise an unforgettable journey to Ghana, to “be pushed out of your comfort zone and into a whole new amazing culture” (Lucy C., 2014). Whether it be teaching English, helping out medical programs, participating in women’s empowerment, or engaging in micro-finance projects, The Ghana Project offers you a meaningful and memorable summer.  

What’s Stopping You?

Ghana is waiting. Apply by 29.01.16.

Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!