Case Studies
Nyankpala Youth Development
Ghanaian national policy defines youth as persons within the age of 15-35 years, a group that constitutes 35% of the total population in Ghana. This is a challenge, as a large number of young people seeking education, health care and employment opportunities adds great pressure on already scarce resources, but investment in young people also holds the potential for significant economic, social and human gains both in the short and long term.
Case Study: From Fish Farmer to Politician
With over 60 partnerships in India over 25 years, Tzedek’s income generating projects have helped thousands of beneficiaries lift themselves out of poverty. However, increased income is often just the start of changes in beneficiaries’ lives. We have heard many great stories, including changes in beneficiaries’ self-confidence and development as local leaders. Here is the story of Ms. Nagavalli from Tamil Nadu who has become a famous and fearless social activist.
Tzedek’s Focus Region: Tolon, Northern Ghana
Tzedek’s strategic approach in Tolon enables our Country Director to find out who is doing what and where. Our strategy highlights the areas in which we work; improving the quality of education in schools, leadership development of the emerging youth leaders and working in partnership to develop the livelihoods of the poorest and most disadvantaged. It also sets the geographic focus for our work.
UK & Ghanaian Schools Twinning Programme
Our Twinning programme continues to go from strength to strength, with Jewish primary schools in the UK and primary schools in Northern Ghana, sharing and learning together. By widening perspectives and appreciating the similarities between children in the UK and Ghana, our Twinning Programme encourages young people to become global citizens.
Village Savings & Loans Associations in Northern Ghana
Tzedek supported 60 Village Savings & Loans Associations (VSLA) groups in 2017 and is supporting another 60 groups in 2018, benefiting over 3,000 women. We have been working in partnership with a Ghanaian NGO called Nfasimdi Development Association (NDA). They were trained on the methodology by Star Ghana and follow the international standard for VSLAs.
Bees and Rabbits Create Sustainable Income
Vocational Training in honey production and rabbit rearing provide a great source of income for women in Tamil Nadu, India. The Centre for the Development of Rural Women (CDRW) in Tamil Nadu, India, are Tzedek’s long standing partner. They train 30 women in rabbit rearing and honey production. The women’s income is forecast to increase to £41 a month. As a sustainable project new beneficiaries will be introduced to the project every year.