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North East and South East India
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Anirban Basu
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Baskar Sundaram
What's been said:
The training and leadership sessions were an eye opener for me and will really help the network of NGOs in the years to come.
Anirban Basu, Northern Network Leader
The SINN [South India NGO Network] members expressed their desires to improve the number of beneficiaries by expanding their projects and programmes.
Baskar Sundaram, Southern Network Leader

We develop deep connections and networks between our partners in India so that they can learn with and from each other, increasing their capacity to make effective change.

We have two networks of partner NGOs: one for our partners in West Bengal and Bihar in the North East, and one for those in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in the South East. These networks gather a few times a year to support each other and share their learnings.

In September 2019, we welcomed our network leaders, Anirban Basu (ERDS, West Bengal) and Baskar Sundaram (SAVE Trust, Tamil Nadu), to the UK for a Leadership Development Programme. Throughout their visit, we provided various organisational trainings and personal development workshops with Tzedek friends and community partners. The programme was also an opportunity for Anirban and Baskar to meet the Tzedek team, volunteers and supporters, and to understand the range of our work and approach.

Upon their return to India, both Anirban and Baskar held network meetings with our other partner organisations. They offered peer support, shared their knowledge and discussed best practices, connecting and growing together.

Read this excerpt from Anirban’s reflection about his time in London: 

Let me take the pleasure of Introducing myself as Anirban Basu, working in a Kolkata based charity called ERDS, supported by Tzedek.

One of the key aims of this entire programme was for me to able to pass on the expertise that I gained from attending the training in London, so that other NGOs could also benefit in the form of increased funding, thereby helping additional poor people. So there is a ripple effect of such training and awareness session throughout the eastern part of India.

On 7th of December, I organized a workshop amongst Tzedek’s NGO partners, known as the Northern Network. At the session, named “Share & Grow”, I tried to disseminate the learnings so that all of us can take advantage of this training and prosper accordingly. Around eight partners participated and I shared half of my training. After looking at the progress they hope to make, we will share the other half soon. In February, I also met the eight partners from Tzedek’s South India NGO Network to share my learnings. We did an exercise of Leadership development and Theory of change. The interest from the members was notable, as if they are trying hard to do more development work than before.

The training and leadership sessions were an eye opener for me and will really help the network of NGOs in the years to come.