Case Study

UK & Ghanaian Schools Twinning Programme
Key Stats:
Tzedek’s Twinning scheme has been running since:
Number of classes participating:
90 in the UK, and 90 in Ghana
Pieces of work exchanged between classes in the UK and Ghana every year:
On average, over a 1000!
What's been said:
Tzedek’s initiative, vision and progression through the past few years cannot be equalled… Clore Tikva’s students, teachers and parents have certainly been enriched by this project.
Teacher at Clore Tikva, UK
My children have been given a gift and I thank you. They know a bigger world and we are so happy for that.
Teacher at Tamale International School

The Twinning programme brings together primary schools in Northern Ghana with Jewish primary schools in the UK. It has been a long-running programme of Tzedek’s, operating since 2011. Our twinning programme is very popular with both the UK and Ghanaian schools. The programme comprises seven shared lessons throughout the school year. These lessons help children learning about the daily life of their counterpart’s in their partner schools. Three of these lessons involve work exchanges, where work from each school is posted to their counterpart’s school, allowing for genuine learning exchange and bonding between the schools.

The Twinning programme matches and enhances the educational curriculum in both the UK and Ghana. All students in both countries engage in a programme of encounters with their peers through learning and exchanging pieces of written work.

Since its inception in 2011, over 180 classes have taken part in this project in the UK and Ghana, involving thousands of students sending tens of thousands of pieces of work to each other.

Evaluation of the programme shows that the children increase their empathy and understanding of each other’s lives and recognise that, despite differences, they share experiences and values.

Every year, each participating child in the UK and Ghana receives a copy of “The Tzedek Times”, a newspaper with loads of fun, games and interesting titbits about their teachers that they never knew! The newspaper covers stories from both Ghana and the UK. Many of the stories come from the students themselves, providing additional learning and an extra layer of connection between the students.