Chanukah 2019


The Festival of Lights is when we share light and joy with our nearest and dearest.

We want to share a gift with you. One of our young supporters, Daniel, aged 13, just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and wanted to do something meaningful to share his joy with others. He has drawn these 3 wonderful Chanukah cards based on images of children with animals. (You can see more examples of Daniels work on Instagram at dahm_art).

At Tzedek some of our projects in both Ghana and India involve us helping villagers to rear livestock to boost their incomes in a sustainable and ethical way. Children are very much involved in these projects and benefit from them in various ways, including increased likelihood of going to school.

We would like to gift you these drawings as Chanukah cards, which we will send to you.

Please Note: we can only deliver cards if we receive your request before 13th December 2019.


To receive cards and show your appreciation by donating to our work, please click on the PayPal donate button below.

Please Note: At the end of the PayPal donation process, you MUST tick the box that says “Share your postal address with Tzedek” so that we can send the 3 gift cards to you.

If you would like to order extra cards, please email your order to, stating how many of each card you would like to order. We would ask you to make a donation of £1.75 per card to cover such extra cards.

Donating by PayPal means that we can process your payment efficiently, helping us to target resources to our important work.


£15 could pay a teacher to run a reading club for school children in Northern Ghana.

£20 could support 5 indigenous tribal women in India through goat-rearing training, enabling them to start their own livestock business.

£30 could pay for 10 women in West Bengal to undergo training in successfully rearing their cows for business.

£60 could support a group of 30 women to start a village savings and loans association in Northern Ghana to help them to become economically empowered and better support their families.

(Please be aware these are only example projects based on our current partnerships; your donation will help support a range of similar projects to help lift local communities in Ghana and India out of poverty)