Receiving a quality education is a human right and the key to ending generational poverty, yet it remains inaccessible for so many.

Our focus regions struggle with low literacy rates and the quality of education is poor, with weak infrastructure, large classes, and absent teachers. Many, especially girls, drop out of school early and very few continue beyond secondary education.

We work with community-based organisations, including Parent-Teacher Associations and School Management committees, training them to better support their educational institutions. Their role within civil society allows local people to drive change according to their own priorities for the good of their children and wider communities. We also support our networks of NGO partner organisations in India to learn from each other.

Our projects in Ghana and India also provide skills and vocational trainings, from entrepreneurship to nursing. We equip young people and women with the education and qualifications to pursue stable careers and generate enough income to educate the next generation.


Supporting and developing the capacity of local leaders is a core aspect of our approach, both in our overseas development work and in the UK. We develop deep connections and networks between our partners in India so that they can learn with and from each other, increasing their capacity to make effective change.


July 2019 saw us launch our most ambitious programme in recent years: our flagship Empowerment for Life Programme in Ghana. At Tzedek, we believe that building the capacity and capability of civil society is the route to raising living standards effectively and sustainably. This programme, in partnership with local NGOs GDCA and YEFL, will improve the lives of the 85,000 people living in Tolon District.