We have sent a questionnaire to our partners to see what further impacts our funding have on women’s lives. The results were astonishing! Here’s a testimony from Mrs. Jayanthi Kumari, aged 28.

The Project

“This was a one year project with our partner HNC in India which ended in November 2011. Thanks to Tzedek’s funds, HNC provided training in tailoring to 25 adolescent girls and women in a small village of the state of Tamil. The women were then able to sell their own clothes in the local market and shops.”

What changes have you made in your own life as a result of your participation in this project?

“I used to be stuck in poverty and I didn’t know how I could change anything. The tailoring training I received helped me set up my own business. I was able to buy my own tailoring and embroider machine, and every day I am stitching skirts, shirts etc. I can now earn my own money and support my family. My children can now have a good education, be healthy and eat nutritious food.”

Has your status in the community changed at all? Can you give an example?

“My status has changed so much! Before the project, I didn’t even have a house to live in. I have been able to save some money to build my own small house and send my children to school. The amazing thing is I am not dependent on others anymore.”

Has your participation in the community changed?

“Yes, everyone respects me now and we can all help one another.”

Has there been any change to the community as a whole over the last few years?

“Everything has changed now. The situation here used to be horrible, most of us were really struggling to make a living: the lack of employment opportunities meant that most people would have to leave our village to go work in bigger cities, mostly in construction work, most people lacked education so they could not find a job to earn decent wages, and most children would drop out of school to earn some money to help their families. But now we can make some money and find jobs in our village thanks to this project, which means families can stay here. Our children can now go to school and we know this will guarantee them a better future.”

What future changes would you like to see in your family/community?

“Everyone should be able to work and live in decent conditions. We should make our village the best one in India.”

What is your greatest concern at the moment?

“This project has helped me so much but now there are still a lot of people in my village struggling to grow out of poverty. They should get the same support I received. I cannot thank the HNC Trust and Tzedek enough for their support, but it doesn’t end here. The project should go on to help other people.”