By Jess Freiberger, Tzedek Intern (June-July 2016)

One would not expect to find a quiet street in NW2 home to a charity that makes such an impact in communities across the world, yet this is where I have spent the past six weeks interning for Tzedek. Over these past weeks, I have been fortunate to be a part of multiple projects which have not only shown me how fortunate I am to have a access and opportunities to things which others would consider luxuries, but also how possible it is to help make a positive change to the world.

My main role of my internship was managing three work experience teams. This involved running a training day whereby I taught them about the positives and negatives of using

Tzedek interns Michelle, Jess and Eleanor

of social media to run a campaign, explored different types of social media campaigns such as the Ice-Bucket Challenge and #likeagirl as well as encouraging the participants to create their own campaign in which they would raise money for the School for Life Project. Over the next couple of days, I helped to nurture their ideas, kick-start their campaign and provide advice. The teams were given the task to raise £100 by the Thursday of that week, giving them just two and half days from starting their campaign to finishing it. One of my highlights of this internship was watching them significantly beat their target even though at the beginning of the week they were doubtful they could even raise half of it. By the end of the three weeks, the combined total was £1001.34, an unbelievable total.

Not only did the work experience teams learn how to run a (successful) campaign, but they also received educational sessions from myself, Maureen Kendler, the Education Consultant, and Ben Salamon, the Education Manager. Two sessions that stand out for me was Maureen’s session on Education: A Right or a Privilege which emphasised the need to help those beyond our community and Ben’s session on Tzedek’s Overseas Project Team (OPT). The OPT discusses and debates projects that Tzedek should fund over the next year or two and was incredibly insightful in learning how charities operate and how they decide on projects to fund.

One of the main reasons I applied to intern at Tzedek was due to their strong beliefs in social justice, of helping people help themselves and of striving to eliminate extreme poverty through education. I now have a stronger understanding of how Tzedek aims to accomplish their goals and that you don’t have to be a big organisation to make a real and significant impact to the lives around you and in the wider community.

If you are looking for an internship that opens your eyes, keeps you busy and where you are given a real opportunity to make a difference, I would highly recommend interning at Tzedek.

If you would like to intern with Tzedek, please email your CV and a covering letter to Ben Salamon at