The course was very inspirational and interesting and I have learned a huge amount about a I topic I knew very little about.” – FTFY Activist, Feb 2016

Tzedek’s digital activism training seminar FTFY is back for October half-term!

Want to change the world? We can give you the tools to do it.

Being a teenager means being full of ideas and passion to change the world. But change doesn’t happen by passion alone. Get the skills with Tzedek.

We’re looking for teens who have loads of enthusiasm and who are looking for practical skills to change the world. Come to Tzedek’s two and a half day seminar during half term to gain the knowledge, skills and experience from experts in the field.

Who is this for? Students in Year 9-12 who care about social change.

When and where is this? 26th – 28th  October, 2016, North West London – Details will be given upon registration.

What will I gain from the seminar? By the end of the two and a half days you will be able to:

  • use social media effectively to promote a campaign
  • deliver a powerful pitch to professional social activists
  • understand how to map stakeholders and plan a campaign
  • feel empowered and launch your own initiative!

How much does this cost? The seminar costs £18. It includes everything apart from Wednesday and Thursday’s lunch. This programme is highly subsided.

How do I register? Call us on 0203 603 8120 today!