Our education team has just wrapped up a Teenage Digital Activism Training Seminar last week. This programme was aimed at teenagers in years 9 to 12 in order to train them to run their own fundraising campaigns through social media and digital platforms. This is the second time this half-term programme has been run and we are glad to say it was a great success! Eleven teenagers from different schools, communities and synagogues formed a group this Wednesday 26th of October to Friday the 28th and working together created two amazing campaigns that will be fundraising for two of Tzedek’s projects this week.

Our digital activists got to hear talks from successful people who work in charities and organisations about what makes a successful campaign, the importance of social action in Judaism, and different pitching styles. Some of our speakers included Shelley Marsh from Reshet, Sam Grant from Rene Cassin, Emma Dorman from JAMI, Gemma Cowan from Save a Child’s Heart and Raymond Simonson from JW3. Another highlight of the programme was to be able to hear directly from Lara Casalotti from the #Match4Lara Campaign. Lara spoke about how the campaign worked to found her a stem cell donor match, and what exactly made her campaign so successful!

Once all the training was done the participants got to work and launched their own campaigns, which aim to raise at least £250 by the end of this week and bring awareness about the projects.

One of the campaigns is called Campaign4Cameroon and it is fundraising for Tzedek’s project which aims to help end child marriage in the Fulani community in North West Cameroon. You can follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram at @Campaign4Cameroon. You can also make a donation to help them reach their goals through their Virgin Money Giving page here.

The other campaign is called Let Ghana Learn, this campaign is fundraising for another of Tzedek’s projects with School for Life in Ghana. The aim of this project is to work in partnership and provide teacher training and school materials to schools. To learn more you can follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @LetGhanaLearn. To make a donation to this campaign you can do it here!

Throughout this week both of the groups will continue to fundraise and bring awareness about their campaigns. We hope that the skills they learned in this seminar will be useful in the future to run campaigns in their own communities and schools. If you are interested in joining our Digital Activism Training in the future stay tuned for the next seminar, which we will advertise through this website or our Facebook and Twitter pages!

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot and the experience will be useful in the future” – FTFY October 2016 Participant

“It was fun and interesting. I liked learning about how to make change through social media and I learned a lot from Lara’s talk” – FTFY October 2016 Participant