Go Develop

Go Develop

Go Develop is a unique opportunity to work with our partners in the field, empowering communities and developing projects.
This programme specifically responds to the needs of communities in Ghana and India.

If you have a skill or area of expertise and want to spend time overseas, then Go Develop is the programme for you. All our volunteering opportunities are roles that our partners have highlighted and requested as jobs that can build capacity, continue their valuable development work and change lives. Volunteering can last a few weeks to a few months.

As part of Go Develop you can expect:

Responsible Development work

You will take part in a project that is focused on education, micro finance, women and youth empowerment or health.

Placements are centred on your individual skills, talents and interests so that you can most effectively impact communities.

A Jewish Experience

The perfect opportunity to act on your Jewish values and actively pursue Tikkun Olam.

Experience Ghana or India whilst being able to keep Shabbat, keep Kosher and explore your Jewish identity.

Personal growth

Gain CV boosting skills in teamwork, project management, leadership and communication, as well as working across cultural and language barriers.

See how sustainable change happens in local communities in the developing world.

Get to know Northern Ghana, Eastern or Southern India; their vibrant cultures, cuisines and wonderful people.

If you are interested in Go Develop and would like to speak to a member of staff for more information, please call the Tzedek office on 0203 603 8120 and ask for the International Development, Volunteer and Education Manager, Leanne.