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The Ben Azzai Programme

Tzedek is proud to be working with the Office of the Chief Rabbi on the Ben Azzai Programme, an annual initiative introduced by Chief Rabbi Mirvis. The programme encourages members of the UK’s Jewish community to “reach out, rather than reach in”, inspiring aims to inspire a new a generation of outward-facing, socially aware Jews.

The Ben Azzai programme provides an amazing opportunity to learn about the challenges of extreme poverty and international development, all within an orthodox Jewish framework. This learning experience takes high achieving university students on a deeply immersive international trip to Tzedek’s focus regions in the developing world, to meet with individuals and organisations and to discover the importance of simple but essential initiatives in developing communities.

Ben Azzai participants are given the opportunity not only to see the work that Tzedek and its partners do, but also to realise that so much more can be done in the UK. The trip aims to create an expanding network of ambassadors who, upon their return to the UK, will share their experiences widely within Jewish communities, schools and on university campuses in order to spread the concept of social responsibility and Jewish obligation.

The Ben Azzai Programme is an initiative supported by the Pears Foundation.