Books on Ghana, about Ghana, from Ghana: suitable for classroom use with the Tzedek Primary School Twinning Programme.

Thirty-two  fiction and non fiction books available on loan for your classes for up to 2 weeks.

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Maya Angelou: Kofi and His Magic A story about a boy called Kofi from Bonwire, a town noted for its beautiful Kente cloth. Kofi uses his magic to visit neighbouring towns and see different people. Beautiful photographs of Ghana are included. (KS2)

Peggy Appiah: Tales of an Ashanti Father Over twenty short folk tales from Ghana. Some are funny, some are sad: some are strange and magical. (KS2,Year 4 and above.)

Kathleen Arnott: Tales from Africa Meet a greedy spider, an evil shark, flying horses, and a cunning hare. Includes a number of tales from Africa. (KS2 Yr4+)

Meshack Asore: Sosu’s Call An award winning story book, voted in the top twelve of Africa’s best books. It tells the story of a disabled boy, his dog, and his incredible spirit.

Meshack Aswe: Kwajo and the Brassman’s Secret; A Tale of Old Ashanti Wisdom What happens when a little brass figure from long ago comes alive in your hands and invites you to its ancient secrets? This is how Kwajo, an Ashanti boy, is drawn into magical experience of gold and wisdom and perhaps more gold. (KS2)

Eileen Browne: Handa’s Surprise Handa puts seven different delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend Akeyo as a surprise. (KS1 and early KS2)

Roselyn Byrne: Anansi and the Wisdom Pot: An African folk tale set in the Culture and Traditions of the Ashantis in Ghana A story about how no one person can claim to have all the wisdom in the world. (KS2 Year 4+.)

Niki Daly: Pretty Salma A version of Red Riding Hood set in a village with a crazy –eyed rooster, Anansi the storyteller and a no good Mr Dog. (Early KS2)

Ann Grifalconi: The Village that Vanished A beautiful story of inner strength and courage. An African story about the Yao people. An award winning book. (KS2)

Eric Kimmel: Anansi and the Magic Stick  Anansi the Spider steals Hyena’s magic stick so he won’t have to do the chores, but when the stick’s magic won’t stop, he gets more than he bargained for. (KS2)

Eric Kimmel: Anansi and the Talking Melon Anansi the spider bores his way into one of Elephant’s melons and thus begins the great trickery of some of the greatest animals in the Animal Kingdom. (KS2)

Stephen Krensky: Anansi and the Box of Stories: A West African Folk Tale The sky God Nyame owns all the stories in the world. He keeps them to himself in a box in his kingdom in the clouds. But Anansi thinks the stories should be shared by all creatures. This is an ancient tale from West Africa. (KS2)

Hugh Lipton: Tales of Wisdom and Wonder; The Blind Man and the Hunter How can a blind man see more than his companion, the hunter? What will become of the pedlar who decides to follow his dream? How do fishes find themselves in the grass of a forest? An award winning book. (KS2)

Eric Maddern: The Fire Children; A West African Folk Tale A West African folk tale based on a creation myth which tells how the first spirit people solve their lonliness using clay and fire and fill the earth with children every colour under the sun. Beautiful illustrations. (KS2)

G McDermot: Anansi and the Spider Anansi the Spider is one of the great folk heroes of the world. He is a rogue, a mischiefmaker, and a wise, loveable creature. This is a traditional Ashanti tale. Has geometric African folk-style illustrations. (KS1 and EAL)

Margaret Musgrave: The Spider Weaver: A Legend of Kente Cloth The story in this book is widely known among the weavers in Ghana and dates back to the mid-seventeenth century during the time of King Oti Akenten. Today, kente cloth is worn all over the world, but most often by heads of state in different African countries.

Ifeoma Omyefula: Deron Goes to Nursery School Deron goes to nursery school in Accra. Shows all the new things he sees and new friends he makes on his first day at nursery school. (KS1, very useful for the pictures.)

Bobby Norfolk: Anansi and the Pot of Beans When Anansi goes to help his grandmother, he can’t resist her steaming, hot pot of beans. (KS2)

Ilfeoma Omyefula: Grandma Comes to Stay Shows a visit by Grandma to see her grandchild Stephanie in her home in Accra. (KS1 book but useful for pictures.)

Ilfeoma Omyefula: Welcome Dede Describes in beautiful pictures and words the African naming ceremony. Explains what happens in Ghana and Nigeria. (KS2)

Tom Palmer: Foul Play: Offside A detective novel about a young man from Ghana who is lured to City by a corrupt agent.  Danny Harte is a football fan and a crime detective. From the author of many books and also an excellent website based on his many books and Ghana. (KS2 Year 4+)

Frances Provencal and Chris McNamara:  Nii Kwei’s Day. From Dawn to Dusk in a Ghanaian city Shows through photographs and writing the day in the life of a young boy living in Accra. Excellent photographs and descriptions and gives an insight in to life in Ghana for a young person (KS2)

Kate Smith Milway: One Hen One Hen is a beautifully illustrated book. It is a great way to introduce children to the concept of sustainable development. It tells the story of Kojo, a young Ghanaian boy who uses a micro loan to buy a chicken, so he can sell the eggs to make money. Through hard work, Kojo soon earns enough to go back to school. He grows up to own his own farm, employing many people in his village, and contributing to Ghana’s development. The story illustrates how a small loan can have a huge impact on many people’s lives if used in the right way. At the end of the book, the story of the real-life Kojo is told, as well as other people who have been helped by micro loans. There is also a page of background information on how micro finance works, plus further information, lesson plans and activities on the One Hen website (although this is focused mainly around the school curriculum in the USA). The book could be used within the primary Geography, PSHE or Citizenship curriculum, and the micro finance concepts could also be developed within Maths lessons. (Perfect for KS2)

John Steptoe: Muforo’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale An African tale about Beautiful Nyasha who would make a perfect wife for the  Great King. But she has a sister Manyara who is jealous of Nyasha. The two sisters travel to the King’s city and a strange adventure is told. Which sister will become queen? Beautifully illustrated. (KS2)

Hugh Vernon Jackson: African Folk Tales A collection of fables and stories from West Africa. There are eighteen stories that introduce the reader to interesting people and unusual animals. (KS2)

Gordon Woodson: African Myths and Folk Tales How was the earth formed and where do animals come from? Why does the hippopotamus live in water, and why do cats chase rats. A selection of short stories from the rich traditions of Africa. (KS2)


Non Fiction

Philip Briggs: Ghana [Bradt Travel Guide] The best guide book on Ghana. Full of information on Ghana’s history, culture and places to visit.

Margy Bruce Knight: Africa is not a Country Shows the different cultures and diversity that exists in Africathrough the experiences of children at home, at school, at work and at play. (KS2)

Camilla De La Bedoyere: Discover Ghana A book full of information about all aspects of life in Ghana. Covers topics from population, family life, industry and trade, leisure and tourism, education etc. Full description and photographs. A really useful book for topics on Ghana. (KS2)

Martin Hinz: Ghana; Enchantment of the World Written in 1999. Detailed book about all aspects of life in Ghana. Covers its history, culture and society. Pictures and written text. (KS2)

Lyn Larson: Ghana A tour of Ghana in words and photographs. Covers tropical forests, animals, Kente cloth, outdoor markets. A special section on the capital, Accra and the language of the country. (KS2)

Ofosu Yeboah: Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel The true story of how a disabled boy in Ghana set out to change the world. Published in 2015. (Early KS2)

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