A few weeks ago, I visited the Sandu Women’s Group, a project that Tzedek funded last year through one our partner organisations, YOVI (Youth Development and Voice initiative). By providing each of the members the resources and knowledge to trade either shea butter or rice, and training them in the necessary business skills, the project continues to benefit 30 women to date in the Sandu community.

I took this ‘selfie’ with two members of the group: Fatimata Tiyuuniba on the left and Azaratu Alhassan in the middle. Every time I need a reminder about why I made the decision to come to Ghana and work with Tzedek, I look at this picture.

Whilst these women shared their woes with me about having had no access to running water in their village for over two weeks, in almost the same breath they told me that they love being part of their women’s group. They said it not only provides them with a feeling of unity and strength from listening to each other but most importantly it provides them with a place to laugh with each other.

This picture reminds me of the strength of the human spirit. It reminds me why organisations like Tzedek must continue to support women such as these two to allow them to reach their full potential, to provide for and sustain their families, and perhaps most importantly – to laugh together.

You can help more women laugh and bring much needed change in their lives today, on International Women’s Day, by setting up a £20 a month gift.

I’d like to help more women laugh today

Thank You for playing your part, showing real care and concern for people you do not even know. Please do consider giving £20 a month to support incredible local projects here in Ghana and elsewhere.

Genna Barnett
Ghana Country Director