A Conversation With Great.com

Last month, we spoke to Great.com, an organisation working to change the way people think about charity. It was a pleasure to share our mission and values, and to speak about the importance of addressing global poverty, today more than ever before.  

Great.com posted this article on their website after our conversationEnjoy this short write-up and please get in touch to learn more about what you can do.   

For thirty years, Tzedek (meaning ‘justice’ in Hebrew) has been reducing extreme poverty in some of the poorest regions of the world while engaging the UK community in their own sense of global responsibility. We spoke with Kira Blumer, CEO, and Leanne Baker, International Development and Education Manager, to explore their mission and hear about their work increasing justice in the world.  

Since 1990, Tzedek has invested over £1.8 million in 144 projects across Africa and South Asia. This year alone, 3740 people have directly benefited from their sustainable development work (on average, tripling their income) and over 1,100 young people in the UK have engaged with ideas surrounding global poverty, sustainable poverty alleviation and our global responsibility. Tzedek takes an integrated approach, building strong partnerships, deep connections and future leaders; empowering local people to make long-term and sustainable change for their own communities.  

After speaking to Tzedek, one thing is clear: it is not about them. Community-led development is key to the success of their projects and programmes. By engaging the community in their own development priorities, you not only treat the symptoms of poverty but more importantly dismantle the systems that create it. Tzedek relies on local expertise and talent to lead the way, and work together as partners to ensure the success of these initiatives.   

This work is needed more than ever before. Global poverty is estimated to increase significantly as economies collapse. Experts now estimate that the fight against extreme poverty has been pushed back by 30 years, with 78 to 115 million people being pushed into extreme poverty this year alone. Populations have turned inwards, prioritising their own before helping others. 

We asked Tzedek to share one Great thing that could happen this year, and Kira shared that the greatest thing that could happen would be the global community galvanizing to support the world’s most vulnerable, reaching beyond borders and rallying to support the fight against poverty. While governments are understandably preoccupied with surviving this crisis, Kira shared that it would be heartening to see the private sector step in and support the non-profit world in their international work – both because it’s the right thing to do, and because the world’s economy relies on shared success. We really are all in this together.  

“Together against poverty” is Tzedek’s motto, and they invite you to join them. Take action by learning about the cause on their educational programmes, become a donor or corporate partner, or even share your expertise in an advisory capacity.  


Great.com is an organization that is changing the way people think about charity, development, and organizations. They’re leading the next generation of charitable giving with their completely remote and radically transparent team.