Empowerment for Life project launches in Tolon District, Northern Ghana

Press Release
Tzedek and Empowerment for Life: transforming the Tolon District in Northern Ghana.

Tzedek, the UK Jewish community’s International Development charity, has been working in Ghana for over 10 years, with many volunteers from the UK Jewish community visiting and getting to know the region through our volunteering programmes.

We are delighted to announce that as we enter our 30th year, Tzedek is building on its wide-ranging experience to enter into a new and ambitious programme which will transform the lives and opportunities of the people living in Tolon, a rural district of 85,000 people in Northern Ghana.

Tzedek is partnering with local Ghanaian NGOs Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) and Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL) to deliver the Empowerment For Life programme, a multi-objective programme that focuses on building skills, capacity and resilience in local communities.

The programme works by building the organisational, technical and advocacy skills of existing community-based organisations (CBOs), enabling the CBOs to better fulfil their roles, better able to hold agencies to account and better able to deliver long-lasting positive impacts in their communities.

Over the next few years, we expect to see, across the district, improved education, reduced levels of poverty, increased entrepreneurship, income and livelihoods, adaptation to climate change, development of civil society and better opportunities for girls and young women in particular.

Tzedek’s CEO, Judith Stanton says: “Empowerment for Life is the culmination of years of experience in the field.  We are so excited to take our development work to the next level in Tolon and to be part of this transformational programme.”

Tolon District Assembly Chief Executive, Hajia Balchisu Yakubu praised Empowerment for Life for its enormous contribution to the development in other districts and commended Tzedek for supporting the programme in Tolon district.

The Chief of Tolon welcomed the project, through his representative, saying it would help expand the frontiers of development in the area for the benefit of the people.



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