High Holy Days Appeal

Events of the past few weeks have been nothing short of catastrophic. Natural disasters have destroyed countless homes and lives. War and conflict have people fearing for their safety and fleeing their countries. This is not the first time we have seen such devastation and it will not be the last.

The upcoming High Holy Days provide an opportunity to reflect on the changes we wish to see in ourselves and the world as we move forward. Though we cannot know what this year will bring, we  look ahead with hope, comforted by our community’s endless support for our neighbours in need.

Each and every day, we are paving the way to a just and peaceful future for all. This Rosh Hashanah, will you help us build a safer world?

We are providing vocational training and skills development to women with inadequate education. Our partners are training men to be allies in the fight for gender equality. We are engaging youth in local politics, inspiring young activists to promote peaceful democratic processes in their communities. Our projects are supporting farmers in extreme poverty to adapt and diversify in the face of climate change and disasters. We are ensuring that families survive the pandemic and standing ready to help them rebuild in the aftermath.

What will you do to ensure a better year – a just future – for our world?