Standing with India

Dear Friends,

You’ve seen it in the news – at least one in three new cases of COVID-19 around the world is being reported in India. Every four minutes, another life is lost in New Deli. Hospitals have run out of oxygen supplies and people are dying in the streets.

Yesterday, one of our partners emailed to say that this is the worst situation India has seen since the Partition in 1947. The virus is spreading to remote rural areas, not just within cities, and doctors are saying that this wave is yet to reach its peak. The marginalised communities we work with cannot afford or access life-saving supplies.

Last year, we provided our project participants with emergency packs of food and hygiene supplies, coupled with public health education to see our communities through lockdown.

Now, we are expanding our reach and redoubling our commitment by sending critical supplies to our established networks across four badly affected states in India.

We know that the impact of this situation will be long-lasting and devastating for our partner communities. We are ready to respond to these ongoing challenges through our sustainable development work, while supporting our friends and colleagues through this crisis today.

Sending our thoughts, prayers and action to India,

Kira Blumer

Chief Executive


An update: Out of the News, Still in Crisis

So far, we have provided over 650 families in India with food, masks, sanitiser and soap – supplies which, for our communities living in extreme poverty, could be lifesaving.

Our grassroots partners have led this effort, responding to each community’s varying needs. For some, this has meant providing additional supplies, from equipping women and girls with period products to purchasing medical equipment for local health centres. Across all of our focus regions, our partners have organised public health campaigns for entire communities. They have teamed up with doctors, health workers, local health authorities and clinics to teach preventative measures and combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation in some of India’s most remote regions.

We have reached thousands of people and, with thanks to your generosity and that of our supporters at CEJCT, who have pledged a further £10,000, we will reach many more.

Though the devastation in India may be losing attention across British media, it is far from over. As one of our partners reported, the health crisis continues and is compounded by a shadow pandemic of poverty. Lockdown has left “industrial, domestic and daily wagers everywhere without work, money, and even access to food. Their future employment is in the doldrums, and their presence is teetering on the edge of life and death”.

In the coming weeks, our partners will be expanding their reach to support additional families through this crisis. They will be delivering much needed supplies and deepening their impact across our focus communities. To fund critical support for even more people, please consider contributing to our response.

With our deepest gratitude to CEJCT, to you, and to our partners in India,

Kira Blumer

Chief Executive