Tailoring programme underway in India’s Tirupur District

The Integrated People’s Service Society (IPSS), partnered with Tzedek, have successfully completed the first portion of a development programme providing tailoring training to local women, in India’s Tirupur District. The project was designed to assist 90 women, aged 16-22, from economically deprived areas to find long-term, sustainable employment through developing the necessary tailoring skills. This enables the beneficiaries to establish their own businesses as seamstresses or find employment in larger fashion companies.

The first six months of the programme has seen the establishment of a high-quality training centre, stocked with new training equipment – such as sewing kits, embroidery machines, power machines and various materials necessary for tailoring – which were made possible through the money granted by Tzedek.

Within this time, the first training group of 30 women completed their four-month course, with virtually all the beneficiaries moving from a basic level to a professional level of dressmaking as a result of the programme. 95% of the beneficiaries from this group went on to either start their own tailoring business or found work in this field at other companies, with all the women seeing a rise in income when compared to their previous vocations. 

For individuals such as Ms Deepika, aged 17, the training course helped to further her ambitions of economic independence. Having worked on her parent’s farm prior to the course, Ms Deepika now works in a garment production unit nearby Tirupur. At her new employment, Ms Deepika is earning over 150% more than in her previous work and with this money is able to support her parents and improve her social standing in the community. 

With the first group having completed the course, 30 women are currently undergoing the second batch of training and 30 more women are lined up for the third intake later this year.