Our Partners


At Tzedek, we partner with local NGOs to empower local communities, so that they can bring themselves out of poverty. In Ghana, we invest in three key partnerships:

At Tzedek, we partner with local NGOs to empower local communities, so that they can bring themselves out of poverty. In Ghana, we are currently investing in two partnerships:

Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) are our delivery partners for our flagship Empowerment For Life Programme in Tolon District, Northern Ghana. We have a team of staff in Tolon who work with our beneficiaries directly. They are supported by the head office Empowerment for Life team, and GDCA subsidaries School for Life (SfL) and Community Life Improvement Progamme (CLIP). 

YEFL-Ghana are a youth-led organisation working to empower youth to lead change in their communities. They support the delivery of our Empowerment for Life programme.


Jalaludeen Masoud
District Coordinator

Awal Amin
Field Facilitator


Jawol Vera Magan

Alhassan Abdul-Ganiyu
Technical Advisor – Youth, Advocacy and Gender


We believe in building deep connections so that our partners can build their capacity to support local NGOs. Alongside our development projects in India, we also facilitate a network of our project partners to promote shared learning and leadership development.

As of March 2019, we have seven partners across four States, divided across two networks of partner NGOs: one for our partners in West Bengal and Bihar in the North East, and one for those in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in the South East.

These networks gather a few times a year to support each other and share their learnings, headed by our network leaders.



Anirban Basu
Northern Network Leader and Head of ERDS

Baskar Sundaram
Sounthern Network (SINN) Leader and Head of SAVE Trust



EDUCATR delivers vocational training to women, equipping them with computer skills to improve their income opportunities.


HNC trains women in making and marketing biodegradable leaf plates from local materials.


This project supports 15-17 year olds who have finished school but who are not continuing to higher education. Requested by village leaders and a community women’s group, CARD provides tailoring and electrical technician training.


At the request of the local community, this livestock project provides women from vulnerable and marginalised communities with seed money to start poultry rearing. This project increases income and reduces cases of malnutrition.


WFW trains young women who have graduated school to become a nursing assistant and to secure a diploma in medical laboratory technology. This qualifies them to work in hospitals, clinics and laboratories.


This project improves livelihoods for indigenous tribal families in the Sundarban region by providing women’s groups with livestock training relating to chickens, pigs and goats.


SPEAWS delivers a bangle-selling project to young women, mostly mothers and, in turn, this reduces the number of school dropouts. These women learn how to buy and sell bangles made from local materials, and how best to save and reinvest their earnings.

Our Overseas Project Team, volunteers chaired by our International Development Manager, support our project selection process for India.

Read more and join our Overseas Project Team here.