Our Work

2018 – 19 in numbers
Direct beneficiaries brought out of extreme poverty
On average, we tripled our beneficiaries incomes
Participants in our interfaith schools twinning programme
British young people engaged in learning about our work and ethical volunteering
Who We Help

Extreme Poverty is defined by the World Bank as living on less that $1.90 a day.

We work with all races, faiths and cultures, and particularly women, children and the most vulnerable. All of our overseas projects impact non-Jewish beneficiaries and we consistently empower communities to lift themselves above the poverty line.

By applying a deeply sustainable approach to international development work through three focus areas we increase the capabilities of local communities to earn, live and educate themselves.

We also increase the UK Jewish community’s own sense of its global social responsibility and obligation to those in need.

Where We Work
In order to maximise the impact of our work, we partner closely with local NGOs to increase the capability and capacity of individuals, families and communities in targeted geographical areas. We currently play a significant role in the sustainable alleviation of extreme poverty in Northern Ghana and Northeast & Southeast India.

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Ethiopia Morocco Burundi Central African Republic Uganda Rwanda Tunisia Libya Algeria Sudan Egypt Eritrea Djibouti Malawi Chad Zambia Zimbabwe Swaziland Botswana Burkina Faso Mali Niger Liberia Namibia Angola Angola Democratic Republic of the Congo Gabon Republic of the Congo Somalia Equatorial Guinea South Africa Kenya Tanzania Mozambique Ghana

Our focus region is the District of Tolon, near to the Northern Region capital of Tamale.

We are partnering with:

Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) and Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL) to deliver the Empowerment for Life programme across the entire Tolon district, transforming the lives of 85,000 people. The programme focuses on building the organisational, technical and advocacy capacity of existing community-based organisations (CBOs), enabling the CBOs to better fulfil their roles, better able to hold agencies to account and to deliver  long-lasting impacts on their community.

Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL) to pilot approaches to support young men and women to develop their business and leadership skills and how best to develop youth centres in Ghana.

Nfasimdi Development Association (NDA) to deliver Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) for more than 120 community groups in Tolon.

SUGLO N-Nya Biahegu Women’s Association to deliver training, business development and access to micro-finance for women engaged in processing agricultural products to improve their sale value.

Northern Voices Ghana to deliver inspirational lectures to thousands of senior high school students helping them with studying techniques, getting them to have a clear future plan and showing them how to access scholarships to attend university.

Great Initiate Foundation (GIF) to establish a cooperative for 30 disabled women to get started in business and become financially independent.

Women Empowerment and Relief Services for the Destitute (WERSD) to develop value chain improvement and marketing skills in shea butter processing for 100 women.

School for Life we are looking at the best practice in delivering improved quality of teaching in Primary Schools and will be piloting the most promising techniques in the next academic year.

We are also establishing reading clubs in 10 schools and are running an inter-school reading competition.


Mozambique Guinea Bissau Sierra Leone Senegal The Gambia Cameroon Benin Togo Mauritania Côte d’Ivoire Nigeria Lesotho Andhra Pradesh

We are partnering with Sri K.Pitchi Reddy Educational & Welfare Society (SPREAWS) to train women in money-saving techniques and help them set up small jewellery businesses through revolving loans.

Arunachal Pradesh Assam Bihar

After recent successes, we currently have no active projects in the Bihar region.

Chhattisgarh Gujarat Himachal Pradesh Haryana Jharkhand Jammu and Kashmir Karnataka Kerala Maharashtra Meghalaya Manipur Madhya Pradesh Mizoram Nagaland Odisha Punjab Rajasthan Sikkim Telangana Tamil Nadu

We are partnering with seven organisations:

Community Action for Rural Development (CARD) to set up an industrial school offering training courses in welding, electronics, tailoring and embroidery, and assist beneficiaries in finding employment or starting small businesses.

Snekithi Charitable Trust to establish a training centre and train 120 Dalit and backward caste girls and young women in tailoring so they can work in local textile factories and break out of unemployment and challenging conditions.

Integrated Peoples Service Society (IPSS) to run a tailoring training project for 90 vulnerable young women that belong to socially excluded communities. The project will provide four months of training and a small stipend to help them get started in finding job opportunities.  

People’s Association for Rural Women’s Development (PARWD) to train beneficiaries in tailoring, health, sanitation and women’s rights, and provide loans to enable them to buy equipment to start a small business.

The Centre for the Development of Rural Women (CDRW) to train 30 women in raising rabbits and maintaining apiaries for increased income.

Anbu Karangal Adharavu Trust (AKAT) to offer vocational training in micro-business development to 30 women of the cobbler and scavenger community, as well as develop savings plans and cultivate self-help groups to empower them to lead a debt free life.

Women for Women (WFW) to enable 20 girls to study a Diploma Course in Medical Laboratory Technology, and 20 girls to study a Diploma Course in Nursing Assistance, empowering them with fantastic employment opportunities.

Hospitality for the Needy Community Trust (HNC) to train impoverished indiginous tribal women bamboo product making skills for the development of a sustainable livelihood.

Tripura Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand West Bengal

We are partnering with the Economic Rural Development Society (ERDS) to deliver livestock including cows to communities whose traditional sources of income have been devastated by floods caused by climate change.

Three Areas of Focus
By developing sustainable partnerships with trusted local organisations to deliver projects in microfinance, vocational skills training, agriculture & livestock, we empower communities to bring themselves out of poverty.
We support local NGOs to develop connections and networks so that they learn from each other, strengthen relationships and work more effectively to improve livelihoods.
Developing the leadership skills of emerging local leaders and young Jewish leaders is key to ensuring the long term, sustainable alleviation of global poverty.