Many women who live in the district of Moshi in Kilimanjaro are either single mothers or young mothers. There has been a wide onslaught of HIV/AID in this area, which has led to an increase in outward migration of men. Women are forced to take on economic roles to sustain their families. The immediate repercussion has been an increase in school dropouts, child neglect and an upward trend of poverty. Save Children’s Lives or, Okoa Maisha Ya Watoto (OMAWA) tries to assist women with income-generation activities. There are mainly two areas that OMAWA works on – knowledge and skill building and start-up capital provision.

The project

The project aims to provide chicks and piglets, start-up feed and basic training to the beneficiaries. To help with this poultry and piggery farming, other activities include:
1) Forming 10 Self Help Groups for women
2) Equipping 20 women representatives with animal farming and entrepreneurial
3) Increasing household income by 30% through these activities


Each Self-Help Group has 10 members, which puts the total number of beneficiaries at 100 women. Along with the indirect beneficiaries, who are children, spouses and parents, the total people who gain goes up to an estimated 500.

Initial money: £14 a month

Estimated new income: £76 a month

Knock-on effect

Once the chicks are old enough to produce eggs, and the pigs start giving birth, OMAWA helps in the sale of these products. OMAWA purchases the eggs from the women. These are given to new groups of women, which keeps the project sustainable. With the pigs, half the litter is sold and half is supplied to a new group.

The project is expected to cost £3,043 for a period of one year.