“It was a fantastic and engaging session” – Mr Beard, King Solomon High School (Oct 2015)

We can deliver a range of excellent workshops for all ages in schools (primary and secondary), synagogues, youth movements, community centres, university Jewish societies and work places.

Our workshops delve into today’s most pressing global development issues, such as the importance of education and the realities of living on just £1.50 a day. Every workshop explores the Jewish response to poverty, and asks what we as British Jews can do to make change today.

Take a look at our brochure of workshops for more information on each of the sessions which we can deliver: Tzedek Workshop Brochure.

To book a Tzedek session call us on 0203 603 8120 or contact us here.

Individual sessions cost £35.00. Or invite Tzedek to train your youth leaders to run Tzedek’s workshops free of charge.