In the South Indian state of Andra Pradesh, young women and mothers often face extreme living conditions and struggle to ensure a better future for their children. They lack any education or vocational training enabling them to earn a substantial income. The state’s economy is mainly based on agriculture and livestock. The poorest part of the population can only rely on agricultural and construction work or cleaning services but such activities can hardly lift them out of poverty. Some of them move out of their homes to the cities as last resort, putting their families in great difficulties.


Our one year long project with our local partner organisation SPREAWS aims to break the cycle of poverty for forty women, by training them to knit and sell wire bags. The women will then carry on producing the bags at home and selling them in the markets and to different local organisations. The project is based on a micro credit system. Once the women start earning a substantial income, they will pay back their loans and thus enable new women and children to join the project.


The women are currently earning around £1 a day from seasonal agricultural work, construction work or cleaning services. By selling the baskets, their revenues are expected to increase to £2.40 a day, going above the poverty line. This regular income will help them feed their family and pay for medical and education expenses, which will significantly improve their children’s future opportunities.

A day in the life of a Beneficiary

Mrs. Nageswaramma is from a poor family in a marginalised caste. She has been working as a maid but her wage is still well below the poverty line. Her limited income does not enable her to maintain her family of two daughters and one son. Whilst two of her children go to school, the family cannot afford their second daughter’s education expenses. Joining this project will enable Mrs. Nageswaramma to gain valuable business skills and earn enough to live in decent conditions and pay for her children’s education.

This project will cost £2,850 over 12 months.