The Northern Ghanaian region of Tamale is one of the country’s most vulnerable areas. Poverty is wide spread and despite working full weeks, many of the local inhabitants fail to earn sufficient income to ensure a decent living standard. The majority of the people are engaged in petty trade, with no future investment prospects.

The Project

Together with our local partner organisation NDA we are launching a VSLA project, to enable the participants to access credit and provide them with the training and incentive for saving and investing their money. Such a scheme ensures that the local population are able to expand their businesses and invest in the education of their children.


The majority of the participants are female petty traders, with no access to credit nor able to save any money. The loan given will enable them to expand their business, repay the money and ensure the next participant has access to the funds. Hence, a whole community benefits from this type of poverty alleviation.

Personal Story

Afisah Yakobo is one of the members of the group. As our country director Genna talks to her, it becomes clear she works tirelessly to provide for her family by selling soya beans 7 days a week. When she attended one of the group’s weekly meetings, Afisah told Gemma that the group has not only equipped her with the knowledge of how to save but also the benefits of doing so. Most importantly, participating in the project has also raised her aspirations for the future. She plans to use her savings to invest in her children’s education.

In Dagbani, the native language of Northern Ghana, she says “Sulum bulburah” – “With patience you can overcome your problems”.