These are Powerpoint presentations of our educational packs, to use in the classroom

There are lesson guides in the Notes section under each slide for the activity on that slide.

We recommend that you also download the PDF version of the packs which contain more information and activities.


Key Stage 1 Powerpoint:

Jewish Festivals


Key Stage 2 Powerpoint:

Pesach & Children’s Rights

Sukkot & the Home

Trade Education & Purim

Fairtrade Fortnight


Key Stage 3 & 4 Powerpoint:

Pesach & Children’s Rights

Sukkot & the Home

Sustainable Development

Purim & Trade

Human Rights & the 10 Commandments

Activity Presentation – Aid and Select Committees


Tzedek Resources

Ghana Loan Library

Ghana Resource Photos – Animals

Ghana Resource Photos – Houses and Homes

Ghana Resources – Rural Life

Ghana Resources – School Life

Ghana Resource Photos – Urban Life

Teaching Resources on Africa

Powerpoints of Educational Packs