£45 buys all the books needed to support young Indian women to gain a Diploma in Nursing Assistance.

Very few young women who live in extreme poverty in Tamil Nadu, India, manage to graduate secondary school. Many of them have had to drop out of school, needing to join the family effort to earn money for food and other basic needs such as health care. It takes huge support from the families to enable the girls to finish high school and dream of higher education despite all the difficulties.

By buying the books needed to study and complete a Diploma in Nursing Assistance, you can help Tzedek and its partner organisation, Women For Women, change the lives of young women in rural India. Your gift this Chanukah will enable them to work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and more. And our experience of running a similar project shows it will triple their salary by the end of the training – and quadruple it a year later.

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