£30 buys 1 Goat for a young Ghanaian, enabling them to start their own business.

Tzedek, in partnership with Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL), a Ghanaian NGO, is working with the emerging youth leaders of Nyankpala, a town in our focus district of Tolon in Northern Region, Ghana. Tolon is a rural district in the Northern Region which we have selected because of its high levels of extreme poverty.

Buy buying goats this Chanukah you will be dramatically helping the disadvantaged youth of Nyankpala. Coming from rural backgrounds, farming businesses are a great fit for this community. These goats will be housed, and fed, to be sold at the local market over the winter. And, Tzedek’s Glorious Goats project is sustainable, as the money earned will be recycled to buy even more goats!

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