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Schools Twinning Programme

Tzedek’s primary school twinning project is an exciting and effective way of providing learners with an understanding and knowledge of the world and their role within it. We believe that by providing positive learning opportunities and meaningful interactions, pupils will be encouraged to explore their role as global citizens. Through joint curricular work, we aim to widen perspectives and challenge attitudes and values.

Links between schools and communities can help us to challenge stereotypical thinking and perceptions of development. Tzedek’s programme emphasises the similarities between our lives and the lives of our partners.

Tzedek provides teachers with a year-long curriculum framework that can be applied to specific subject areas and cross-curricular themes. The learning journey is at the heart of the link. Each term you will share photos, letters and work completed with your twinned school enabling reciprocal learning and building a truly wonderful learning relationship.

Our Aims and Aspirations

The aim of this project is to develop sustainable, equitable, learning partnerships between schools in Ghana and the UK where both sides learn from and about each other. This learning will extend beyond each classroom so that students become global citizens.

The programme will enable students to:

  • Consider our changing world, their place in it, and the rights of others in it
  • Participate in society as active and responsible global citizens
  • Enhance their language learning through appreciation of other cultures
  • Make friends and communicate in a global learning network
  • Investigate identity, diversity and personal histories
  • Break down stereotypes