Creating a Work Experience Programme Like You’ve Never Seen Before…

Over the past three months I’ve spent the majority of my time at Tzedek writing and preparing the work experience programme.

Living Below the Line
Living Below the Line

‘What? There’s more to work experience at Tzedek than making tea and photocopying?’ …I hear you ask..

So much more.

I’m very proud to say that I’ve run the programme four times now, each with varied, interested and engaged students; both Jewish and non-Jewish, from 15-17 years old. We’ve taught them about Tzedek and our work, about extreme poverty, presentation skills, human rights (even making it onto the RightsInfo blog!), and Jewish responsibility. I hope that our participants have left both inspired to act and confident to present what they have learned about the world.

Certainly I have seen the benefits to Tzedek of having work experience participants in the office. We gain a fresh perspective on our work and really high quality resources which will help us to develop our education work in schools and youth movements.


I have certainly learnt a lot about the world, and myself during my time at Tzedek and I will be extremely sorry to leave. I certainly will never look at food in the same way after doing the Live Below the Line challenge and strongly urge you to take it up yourselves next year. Not only is Tzedek an obviously worthy cause but the experience totally changes your outlook on eating.


I am really excited to come back to some of the exciting volunteer events coming up, see you soon Tzedek!