Written by Yoni Cohen, Go Global participant (July 2015).  Yoni is currently teaching at Ambition for the Needy primary school.

Sweltering in the early morning African sun, I watched over the outdoor assembly at my school, Ambition for the Needy, where I’m volunteering.

I couldn’t help but wince as my class, which is aged from ten to twelve, were ordered to outstretch their arms in order to receive their morning caning, for being ‘noisy.’

Just another regular morning.

residents + Yoni
Go Global participant, Yoni Cohen

Thirty minutes later my class was disrupted by the head teacher, Sir Noah. With a towel wrapped round his neck he started to inspire and empower courage to the students, filling them with motivation and encouragement to pass their upcoming entrance exams for senior high school. His demeanour from a harsh, ruthless and merciless superior was transformed into a sympathetic and passionate educator whose desire for his students to pass, has no bounds.

Such extreme contrast led me to contemplate whether western education has diluted and suppressed the raw passion and drive which educators have available to pass on, as the objectives and goals are blurred due to the vast superficial distractions we have in the modern schooling system.

Although the school has no bathroom, computer, or even extra stationary, the school projects a sense of determination, grit and success, for which is undoubtedly the principal message and motto, far more than anywhere I have come across.

Sometimes all you need is a pen and paper.