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What We Do

The Overseas Project Team (OPT) operates Tzedek’s Partnership Project Grants Scheme, supporting grassroots projects that improve income and economic opportunities in our focus regions within India.

Our partner projects work to increase the quality of life for individuals currently living in extreme poverty (on less than $1.90 a day). Most, if not all, projects funded will have a direct increase in income for beneficiaries, typically by 300%.

Projects funded in the past include vocational training, microcredit, livelihood start-ups, livestock, agriculture and more. All of our work falls within the areas of education, youth development and livelihoods, with a focus on impacting women and youth.

Your Role on the Team 

The OPT meets 4-6 times a year. The meetings include a review of current applications and talks from experts in international development. The meetings are usually held in North West London on Sunday afternoons. Each team member’s main responsibility is to liaise with partners regarding new applications and present them in the meetings so that the team can decide which projects will be funded.

Joining the OPT is a great opportunity to communicate directly with our partners overseas, to get to know them and their needs and help them create sustainable projects that lift people out of poverty.


If you’re interested in volunteering on the Overseas Project Team, register your interest here: