When your classroom looks like this….

…and you want it to look like this….

…but you don’t have a school budget for materials then sometimes you need a little help from outside the school.

This weekend we invited the teachers involved in the Twinning project to attend a training workshop on producing Teaching and Learning Materials for use in the classroom to support their work.

We invited another of our project partners, School for Life, to facilitate the workshop.  They are very experienced in assisting schools to improve the quality of their education delivery.  They know the problems the teachers face and they know the Ghanaian national curriculum.  Mr Karrimu Alhassan proved a wonderful inspiration to the group.

What a fantastic time we had!  Seventeen teachers and headteachers gave up their valuable weekend to attended the workshop so I was very keen that they got a lot out of it.  It turns out they were very keen to get a lot out of it too!  Over the two days, they created literally hundreds of TLMs.

There are word lists, games, flashcards, web charts, number charts, storyboards, information sheets by the dozens..

ALL of these items were created by Madam Regina from Kanvilli Presbyterian Experimental Primary School to assist her with her teaching.  She was just one of the members and the total materials made couldn’t possibly fit in one picture so here are a few more…

Madam Adelaide, Mr Ibrahim, Mr Amadu and Madam Barikisu (from right to left) looking very pleased with their stash of goodies.

Mr Sumaila and Madam Elizabeth are not sure how they are going to get it all home!

And a few final words of encouragement from me to share their learning with their colleagues when they get back to school.