Go Develop is a unique opportunity to work with our partners, in the field, empowering communities and developing projects. 
This programme specifically responds the the needs of communities in Ghana and India. If you have a skill or area of expertise and want to spend time overseas then Go Develop is for you. 
As part of Go Develop you can expect:
  • You will take part in a project that is focused on education, micro finance, women and youth empowerment or health.
  • Placements centred on your individual skills, talents, and interests so that you can most effectively impact communities 
  • Act on core Jewish values and actively pursue tikun olam.
  • Experience Ghana or India being able to keep Shabbat, keep kosher and explore your Jewish identity.
  • Gain CV boosting skills in teamwork, project management, leadership and communication, as well as working across cultural and language barriers.
  • See how change happens in local communities in the developing world.
  • Get to know Northern Ghana, Eastern or Southern India, its vibrant culture, cuisine and wonderful people.
What people say

What alumni have said about volunteering overseas with Tzedek 


“It’s a fantastic experience to be pushed out of your comfort zone and into a whole new amazing culture. Most importantly though, it’s the real life application of tikkun olam and pursuing justice."

Lucy Cohen, Ghana 2014


"I contributed what I could as I was teaching street children, but what I received from my trip to Ghana was priceless. I discovered a fascinating country, made wonderful new friends - but most importantly, this trip changed my perspective on the cozy life we live in Europe."

Michael B, Ghana 


“My experience [in Ghana] has given me a new interest and insight into global development, showing me issues I had never taken an interest in before, but am now keen to know more about.”

Adam Prais, Ghana 2014


“It was an amazing experience. I was quite anxious at first, as it was such a different country to anywhere I had been before. The programme gave me an a experience of the country and I got an appreciation for a new culture and the life of those less fortunate.”

Sarah Yiannaki, Calcutta 

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Any more questions?

If you have any further questions about Tzedek Volunteering Overseas: The Ghana Project,
or if you would like to speak to one of our alumni, get in touch via our contact us page